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Could you eat? Pull up a chair. Historical Supper Club is for anyone who wants to know the social, political, and economic background behind why we eat what we eat today, and food history connections to current events. The supper club is based in the United States, but topics can range across the globe. Written in clear, accessible language with in-depth context, Historical Supper Club takes on the news of today through the lens of food history.

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Join the club and the conversation in the comments. Disagree? Bring it on, but bring receipts. Want to chime in from your perspective? We’d love to hear it. Historical Supper Club is about community - we learn more from each other than in isolation. Share your thoughts, your book and article recommendations, your kudos and your challenges. Unlike supper clubs of yore, no one is excluded, and everyone is welcome (except bullies).

Who’s hosting?

Historical Supper Club is the brainchild of Sarah Wassberg Johnson, The Food Historian. Sarah has a Master’s degree in Public History from the University at Albany and has been blogging at www.thefoodhistorian.com since 2015. She has published in both the academic and trade spheres, and has consulted for The History Channel’s “The Food That Built America” and countless journalists.

Created at the behest of friends (notably, Jolene of the Time Travel Kitchen), Historical Supper Club is an outlet for Sarah to address current events in a timely and engaging manner. For busting common food history myths, deep-dives, historical recipes, and more, visit thefoodhistorian.com.

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Just like a real dinner party, there’s no receipt at the end. As a public historian, Sarah is committed to making well-researched food history accessible to everyone, without a paywall. But, a girl’s got to eat! So contributions to support her work and make sure it stays free for everyone are always very welcome. You can support Historical Supper Club here on Substack, or support Sarah’s other food historian work on Patreon.

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